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What is SimpleFunTax

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SimpleFunTax is a professional service streaming market network that connects tax clients with tax experts (CPA, EA, or Attorney) based on their specializations. Simplefuntax app and web gives you the power to communicate, securely transfer files and retain tax experts for free. Payments are not released to the tax experts until the service is rendered.

Tax client can freely browse tax experts on different specializations including:

  • 1. Professional specialization (Language spoken, License possess, Geographic location, etc.),
  • 2. Filing type/business structure specialization (Individual tax, Corporate tax, None for profit, etc.),
  • 3. Service specialization (Tax planning, International tax, State and local tax, etc.)
  • 4. Industry specialization (Real estate, Logistic & transportation, Marijuana farming, etc.)

You are special, we are special, each one of the tax experts is special. We need to find the best talent tax expert who fits our special demands. They are like the stars among the galaxy, and now luckily we have Simplefuntax app and web to serve as our “telescope” to find the most shining one for you.

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