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How to Hire a Best CPA for Taxes from SimpleFunTax?

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Hire a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) may be a tremendous help and alleviate a great deal of stress if you have complicated taxes or even if you loathe doing your taxes.

According to the poll, a whopping 80% of those who employed tax preparers never inquired about the tax preparer’s credentials, and roughly 75% never asked if the preparer would assist them in auditing. That’s remarkable, given that employing a tax preparer or counselor entails disclosing information about your earnings, bank deposits, marriage, children – even your Social Security number.

Hire a CPA for taxes can make sure you get all of the benefits you’re eligible for and prevent you from having to file an extension or revise your return, as well as incurring penalties and interest.

If you opt to have your tax returns completed professionally, the very first thing you should look for is familiarity with your unique tax status from the best tax preparer you hire a certified public accountant (CPA) who has a lot of expertise in wealth management and compliance, and some specialize in partnership taxation. Therefore, you must ensure hiring a good CPA
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Key Factors to Look for When Hire a CPA

Hire a CPA with professional Experience.

Looking for a CPA that specializes in your particular field of industry. Hiring a CPA can assist you in comprehending your situation and answer your worries about most financial areas of your firm. They can help you in the most cost-effective way possible while keeping your best and highest interests in mind. Business, governmental, and external audit and tax preparation are among areas in which CPA might specialize. Consider hiring a CPA that specializes in individual tax returns to prepare and file your taxes.

Hire a CPA with Referrals

Make the most of your connections. Before hiring a CPA, get references and contact them. Obtain recommendations from a variety of reliable sources and do background checks on them.

Make contact with your title and mortgage companies. The most excellent place to get favorable references for a CPA is through networking websites or tax consulting.

Look up their credential.

C.P.A.s are also required to be licensed by the province, so check with your government’s board of accountancy before choosing one. In addition, most states provide CPA databases where you may look up details on a CPA license status, issuance, and expiration periods, as well as disciplinary proceedings and bans by searching by name.

In practice, you should hire a CPA if you have complex taxes that involves:

● In the 2020 tax year, you have a complex corporate structure, such as an S-corporation, partnerships, or company, or you have just started a
● You’re either employed or self-employed.
● In the 2020 tax year, you sold a home.
● You worked in several other states.
● You established a charity trust.
● You’re thinking about Merging or acquiring a company.
● You want to set up a trust for your kids or those who are financially reliant on you.
● You altered your marginal rates.
● You now reside in a state without a taxable income but are going to one that does.
● You intend to retire shortly.
● You started working in the gig economy.
● You plan to spend a few months each year living in another country.
● You inherited money or property from a member of the family or another person.

How to Hire a CPA for Taxes?

If you’re self-employed, talk to other individuals in your sector or seek guidance from colleagues of a group of professionals. Another alternative is to get references from coworkers, colleagues, or relatives, although they are likely in a separate tax or financial condition than you. Given the epidemic, many tax preparers can deal with you virtually. However, keep in mind that local tax preparers may be more conversant with local rules that may impact your taxes. You should hire a best CPA for taxes who is experienced with your state’s taxes.

You want to deal with someone who understands the existence of various tax jurisdictions and how to navigate them if an issue arises.

Types of Tax Advisers

Anyone may pretend to be an expert on taxes. Also, tax return preparers are not required by the I.R.S. to be licensed. Ensure that your tax preparer is a member of the following groups:

  • Enrolled Agent (EA): The I.R.S. requires an E.A. to be approved. The E.A. either has cleared a brutal test or has worked with the I.R.S. for at least five years. Enrolled agents are the least priced tax professionals, and they frequently provide accounting and finance services.
  • CPA: Every state licenses and regulates certified public accountant (CPA) They file tax returns and handle advanced accounting and business-related tax tasks. Larger firms or businesses frequently require CPA with complex tax filings. The larger accounting companies are more costly. Smaller CPA companies are less expensive and maybe more suitable for the average small company.
  • Tax Attorney: Tax attorneys have a particular tax law degree (an L.L.M. in taxation) or a bar association tax specialized accreditation. Tax attorneys are not cheap. However, if you have a tax problem, are in difficulties with the I.R.S., require legal counsel in court, or need business and estate management, you should contact one.

Is There A Difference Between Tax Accountant and CPA?

An accountant is not the same as a CPA. Many individuals confuse the terms accountant and CPA. An accountant, on the other hand, has a bachelor’s degree in accounting. A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and has gone through extra training, Experience, and testing.

After satisfying state and local criteria, a CPA is awarded. Each state association has its own set of regulations. Because of the considerable study and tests necessary to achieve and maintain this title, a CPA is frequently regarded as an expert in the area and is compensated accordingly. A CPA may help you with your taxation in a variety of ways that an accountant cannot.

Read more about: CPA vs CFA – Differences and Similarities

Choosing between a full-time and a freelance CPA is a difficult decision.

You could choose to hire a full-time CPA for taxes depending on the size of your company. A full-time CPA can analyze essential and optional expenditures, supervise payroll, and file the firm’s taxation for large firms. In large companies, this may consume enough time to justify hiring a full-time staff.


On the other hand, small firms may not profit from a full-time CPA Hiring a freelancer TAX accountant to handle financial concerns might save the firm money because they are paid less than salaried staff. Businesses may also engage a freelance CPA temporarily to help them get their finances in order.

Questions You Should Ask While Hire a CPA

Asking the correct questions might help you identify somebody knowledgeable and reliable. The following are some places to look into:

  • What certifications or licenses do you hold?
  • How much is your professional experience tax industry?
  • What areas of tax law do you specialize in?
  • Do you subcontract any of your work or handle you and your employees doing everything themselves?
  • How long do you think it will take you to finish my tax return?
  • How much do you charge? Do they have any wiggle room? Is it possible to get that in writing?
  • What is your stance on privacy?
  • Do you think I’m paying too much, too little, or exactly right when it comes to taxes?

Some Last-Minute Cautions

After your preliminary conversation, do a brief background check. You may also do social networking research for the expert’s name. For example, find out what people are saying about them on their website and what others say about them.

Contact your government’s board of accountancy to verify the validity of a CPA license or see if the CPA has ever faced any disciplinary measures. If an E.A. has ever been criticized or committed to punitive measures, you can inquire with the I.R.S. Office of Professional Standards. Check with your local association of commerce for further information.

Remember that the correctness of the data on your tax return is ultimately your responsibility, not the CPA.

Cost to Hire a certified public accountant (CPA)?

The correct accountant can completely transform your company. However, the cost to hire a CPA is determined by your needs and budget.

A Tax Accountant earns an average of $33.89 per hour. According to the American Institute of CPA 2018 study, when you hire a CPA that charges an average of $160 to $275 per hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) predicts that the accounting and auditing industry will expand by 6% between 2018 and 2028, which is approximately average for all occupations. An accountant’s median yearly pay in 2019 was $71,550.


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More than just preparing and submitting tax returns is part of a remote accounting job. While hiring a CPA has numerous options, many flexible and online accounting jobs are available for individuals with other economic talents and expertise in industries such as audit, accounting, and finance.

Large accounting firms and smaller businesses and organizations are among the firms that value workplace flexibility and employ for remote accounting positions.


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