Letter to my Fellow Tax Professionals
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A Letter To My Fellow Tax Professionals

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The Galaxy is bright because the tax professionals shine

By Yazhou Hu

My name is Yazhou and I am writing this letter reaching out to my fellow tax experts and professionals to let you know your value is more than what you would think now. With the internet connecting tax service provider and client faster and easier, tax service providers are being treated like a transaction or a commodity. People can shop us easier than a product, and if they don’t like any single detail about us or there is a cheaper solution, they will just jump to the next provider. The hard-working tax experts and professionals must constantly lower the rates to stay in competition and remain profitable. Client referrals don’t happen since the power of the internet enabled them to connect with us easily and client relationship is not being valued anymore… It certainly sounds like a tragedy for most of our talented tax professionals who are special and unique. The problem here is we are all being treated the same way a client hires an Uber driver. And a further question is if we were all the same, why don’t the tax clients go use automated tax software like turbotax? The fact is that we are all unique and special in our way!

There is a solution for this. That is to bring out and present the uniqueness and specialty of your professionalism. Each one of us is special in terms of 1. Professionalism (Language spoken, License possessed, Geographic location, years of experience, etc.), 2. Filing type/business structure (Individual tax, C or S corporate tax, None for profit, Estate and trust, etc.), 3. Service specialization (Tax planning, international tax situation, State and sales tax, Franchise tax strategy service, IRS representation, etc.), 4. Industry specialization (Real estate, Logistic & transportation, Marijuana farming, small restaurant, etc.). Simplefuntax LLC is missioned to connect quality tax clients with the right tax service provider based on these specialties. If a client gets a connection with the tax expert based on these specialties, it is not easy for them to jump to another tax expert since others might not have the same. The relationship between client and provider will be valued more since finding the unique expert is not that easy. And most importantly the value of the service provided based on the specialization is increased ($1,500 partnership 1065 for small restaurant vs $300 individual 1040).

I am here to innovate our industry. For those of you who would want to embrace the next generation of the tax professional service streaming market network, I invite you to come onboard with me to enhance the value of tax experts and professionals by signing up in www.simplefuntax.com as a tax expert or professional. The software is built to enable a new way to connect tax experts with tax clients based on the uniqueness of the tax professionals. Within there, you choose the services you would like to provide based on the expertise, experience, specialization, and preference. That is the power to focus on your niche and filtering out the unnecessary conversations. Further, if you agree with me on the specialties on each one of us and willing to speak for us. We have a program to conduct a professional interview with scripts for about 1:30 to 4:30 minutes. You will have the chance to speak about you and your practice, the market you want to focus, the client base preference, or maybe just advertising all of your tax services. A script can be found here.

People saying that our industry is slowing down, professionals are being replaced by the automated software solutions and artificial intelligence. I personally just have a hard time believing in the approximately 5000 pages of IRS code can be interpreted by artificial intelligence or performed by automated services while a 30-year experienced tax professional still can’t. Please join me to innovate our industry by passing this letter to our fellow tax experts and professionals, let them know that their value is prestige. Let them know the tax industry is a bright galaxy because each one of the experts shines with our uniqueness and specialties.

My name is Yazhou and I am the CEO and founder of Simplefuntax LLC, I am looking to have you to join our network.

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